SPCF Childcare

We have a dedicated area for the babies and toddlers with its own bathroom, a TV and toys.
Supervised Childcare Hours
Classes at 9am, 10am, 4pm and 5pm weekdays offer and Saturday at 9am.


We also have a separate area for older kids to hang out.  There are plenty of outlets for charging electronics!

SPCF Childcare Policies & Procedures

-We will be charging your Wodify account for childcare on the 15th of the month.  Two options exist: unlimited use for $30/month or $2 per family/hour.  Please sign your child in for how many hours or check unlimited for the month.
-Please do not drop off your child earlier than10 minutes before your class starts.
-Please pick up your child promptly, within 10 min of your scheduled class ending.
-Please stay on SPCF property for the entire duration of childcare usage. (Disregarding this rule could result in the suspension of childcare permanently.)
-Children will only be released to the person who dropped them off.
-Please bring your child to the gym freshly diapered. Childcare staff will no longer change diapers. If your child urgently needs his/her diaper changed, the childcare staff will ask you to leave class to change your child.
-Please refrain from bringing a sick child into the childcare area. This is a courtesy to your gym mates and the well being of all children and staff. Childcare staff will use their discretion regarding sick children.
-The childcare room will provide age appropriate toys. For safety and hygienic reasons, we ask that you refrain from bringing in your child’s own personal toys.
-Food will no longer be allowed in the childcare area. SPCF will provide one snack per child, per scheduled class hour.  Children are welcome to bring a spill proof drink container labeled with their name.  Please help us protect our little ones with food allergies by leaving personal food items outside of the childcare area.
-Children will remove shoes while in the childcare area.
-If a child is inconsolable, parents will be notified and asked to return to the childcare room to assist the staff.

Any questions? Contact Dallas Atkinson  (816) 810-2182



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