Certified CrossFit Trainer, Level 3
CF Mobility
CF Weightlifting
The Outlaw Way Weightlifting
BirthFit Certified Coach

Looking like a greek goddess, Julie developed a love for olympic weight lifting and CrossFit on a deployment in 2012.  She used these new found skills to sharpen her competitive edge and excel as a soldier.  She now enjoys tackling a few local competitions each year to stay fresh.  Julie prefers training athletes in small groups focusing on difficult weightlifting/gymnastic skills.  Julie leads our athletes in Motherhood Fitness, which is specialized training in the needs of mothers to-be and new mothers.  She always greets members with a smile that is warm and inviting.  However, don’t be fooled, there’s a steely eyed killer lurking just under the surface.



Certified CrossFit Trainer, Level 3
CF Gymnastics

CF Weightlifting
CF Kids
CF Adaptive Training

Healthy Steps Nutrition Certified

After a lifetime of running and biking, resulting in a knee injury, Emily decided to try CrossFit. She has the endurance of the Energizer Bunny mixed with Speedy Gonzalez.  This motor allows her to finish her workouts and have plenty of time to cheer on other athletes.  While most of us are laid out in the recovery position, Emily is the ultimate motivator.  What she loves about CrossFit is how effective the workouts are, the opportunity to learn new skills, and the friendships she has formed at the gym.  Emily is not just a great athlete, she is also a Doctor of Physical Therapy and is passionate about helping others move well. She is knowledgeable on proper body mechanics, purposeful warm-ups and cool downs, injury prevention, accessory work, scaling and adaptation.  Is there anything she can’t do? We so are excited and grateful to have her on our coaching staff.  Emily hopes to foster a positive attitude with her encouragement and to be an ambassador of SPCF and our sport.


CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

CF Kids

Brandon, better known within the gym by his alter ego, B Shell, began CrossFit in 2012 as a way to get in shape for his career in physical education.  His first career as an announcer in seedy establishments is not appropriate for discussion here, but you can guess what it was after taking one of his classes.  He loves the mental and physical challenges shared within a community of like minded individuals and embodies the key areas of fitness: strength, conditioning, mobility, gymnastics and nutrition.  You’ll know he’s in the gym from the sound of his booming voice; which is only matched by the size of the plates on his bar during workouts.


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