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Meet our Team



CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

CF Kids

Healthy Steps Nutrition Certified

After growing tired of the Rap scene, Sarah started CrossFit in 2012 as a way to fill that void.  She excelled as a CrossFit endurance athlete and fell in love with the sport.  She enjoys the community she found in CrossFit and the daily challenge it provides.  She and her old school gangsta homie  purchased SPCF in 2016, where they strive to provide an environment of encouragement and support for athletes of all ability levels.  From the staff they have assembled, the top notch facility, and the social aspect; it’s no wonder SPCF is the joint. Not wanting to stray far from her roots, she has a strict music policy.  You’ll hear her mutter, “but first, gangsta rap.”

"Cause I think we can make it, in fact, I'm sure. And if you fall, stand tall and come back for more."



CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

USA Weightlifting Level 2

Barbarian Level 3/3


Laura was seriously into bro-sessions before she tried her first CrossFit workout in 2011. After a small stint in the Impossible Mission Force under deep cover, she found her love for CrossFit again in 2017. After moving to Southern Pines, she discovered baby Luke was on the way. Wanting to train through pregnancy, Laura did some research and found MotherHood at SPCF. She realized a new passion for helping other moms who also love fitness. Now top knots, inappropriate gym shirts, and coaching moms who do epic things are some of the best moments of my week.



CrossFit Level 2 Trainer


"Guess who's back

Back again

Jazz is back

Tell a friend

Now everyone report to the gym floor

To the gym floor, to the gym floor

Now everyone report to the gym floor, alright stop

It’s Jazz time…"

A CrossFitter since 2010, Jazz loves the sense of confidence CrossFit brought into her life, learning new movements and ways to gain strength besides spending hours in the gym on random machines.  Jazz is passionate about motivating women to gain strength and confidence through CrossFit. She loves to watch athlete’s faces light up when they get a PR or complete a workout they never thought they could do.



CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

Hey coach Jess Keep Playing this Song, keep me WODin’ all night long
Hey coach Jess (Keep Playin' This Song)

Oh, we are lifting, one time, here we go

Jess could tell when you stepped in the room
And she saw you standing there
By the way that your body moved
She could tell that you lifted before
There was some CrossFit force
Leading Jess here to you

Hey coach Jess keep playin' this song for me
Out on the gym floor

Jess's here for me
Let's get it on
WOD all night long

Jess started CrossFit because she was looking for a community that could handle her mad DJ skills. She used to work out solo in gyms and had a hard time finding people with similar musical interests and who liked lift heavy and do soul sucking conditioning. One day she decided to try Southern Pines CrossFit and fell in love instantly. The community is like nothing she has ever experienced. Nothing creates a better bond between people than going through Fran together with the right DJ.



CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

CF Gymnastics

Winner "Best Surprised Expression" 2017


Jon became an avid CrossFitter in 2015 after he realized

the Army PT program wasn’t enough to keep him both thin AND sexy. CrossFit presents him with a new set of challenges every day, like not finding most workouts difficult enough or finding the right trucker hat to go with his shirt. He became a coach in 2017 and enjoys seeing people progress and accomplish new things. What is his driving force to continue CrossFit? Jon has a two-year-old and doesn’t want to become that old guy who can’t defeat his child in mortal combat.


CrossFit Level 2 Trainer



Look at that sweet, gentle smile.  Not to be fooled, despite not an ounce of gangsta here, what we do know is not to mess with Katie. She is a Marine.

 From the Halls of Montezuma

To the shores of Tripoli

She will program barbell workouts

In the air, on land, and sea

First to fight for right and the freedom to workout in Crocs

And to keep the gym floor clean

She is proud to claim the title of Coach Katie of SPCF!

 Katie hails from “The Few - The Proud” and whilst she knows what makes the grass grow she promises not to break out the knife hand in class.

 A beast with the barbell and good at all things gymnasty she is a great addition to our crew – She has been CrossFitting since 2014 and loves the CrossFit community, the competition and the small wins every day. Katie’s mission is to help people and wants to be there for our member’s small and sometimes big wins.  She is serving our gym community in a way that would make “Uncle Chesty” proud.



CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
USAW Level 1

Coach Steve took up CrossFit back in 2010, when he realized that running promotes cowardice, and his colors don’t run - ‘Murica, hell yeah. He’s a firm believer that “Go” muscles are way cooler than “Show” muscles, and if anyone knows cool guy things, it’s Steve. Steve finds it rewarding to help athletes crush skills and make lifts, and it helps finance his true passion - challenging Sir Isaac Newton’s gravitational observations. The strength of gravity may not be constant, but does it even matter if Steve’s potential is limitless?!? Yo, I don’t know, turn off the lights, and I’ll glow. To the extreme.


CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Rollin' down the street, floating in salt
Sippin' on gin and juice, laid back
With her mind on her nervous system
And her nervous system on her mind


Although not a convicted felon, Aubrey is the Martha to our Snoop.  She loves hip hop as much as we do and if you come to her class, you are sure to shave a good time. This boss babe started CrossFit back in 2009 & loves that CrossFit challenges her every day. What is really important about CrossFit to Aubrey is that it is a place in the athletic world for everyone.  Aubrey believes her strength as a coach is that every athlete in her class is number one (with the exception of her gangsta, awesome music and superior dance moves).  Martha Stewart has denied that she and Snoop have smoked weed together, but she stated that she did "get high just sitting there”. You better beware, ‘cause this same thing can happen to you if you are around Aubrey’s infectious personality.  You too might start bouncing around the gym floor spontaneously busting out dance moves during the WOD’s. Aubrey brings a whole lotta heart and passion for wellness to Southern Pines CrossFit and she brings the fun fo shizzle!


Yo, VIP let’s kick it.

All right stop, collaborate, & listen,

Aubs is here with a Thryve’n mission… 

She sits in Ice, ice baby

Too cold

Ice, ice baby

Too cold, too cold



CrossFit Level 1 Trainer


Coach Chad decided to get his CF L1 to give back to the SPCF community. A true competitor, he’s an expert hand-to-hand combatant and master martial artist, and a grower of mean beards. His Human/Spartoi hybrid physiology grants him enhanced strength, durability, and longevity - the Chad-bod is the new dad-bod. So, forgettabout the bow flex, Chad is here to help us commit to some dumbbells. It’s showtime, A-holes!


Any similarity with Star-Lord’s Wikipedia is purely coincidental. Also, has anyone ever actually seen Chad and Star-Lord in the same room at the same time?

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