SPCF Owners


Jordi has been CrossFitting off and on since 2012  and has been personal training for a few years.  After a difficult pregnancy, Jordi began powerlifting.  She loved the lifting community but when she tried CrossFit, she found she got better results.  She is faster, stronger, lighter and more agile with CrossFit.  She feels as if she is the most functional when doing CrossFit.  She takes the CrossFit family as an added bonus.  Jordi has a true passion for making people feel good about themselves and she loves coaching all levels of athletes. 

Richard possesses a diverse strength and conditioning background dating back to 2003. In 2010, he began CrossFit in preparation for the physical demands of the military.  Richard enjoys CrossFit because of the mental toughness it requires along with the mix of skill and power across a broad spectrum of movements.  His experience includes powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting, and most recently, strongman, where he earned a place to compete at the national level in 2017.  His strengths are fostering camaraderie, imbodying a warrior ethos in athletes, and pushing individuals to reach their untapped potential.  Richard is exceptionally grateful for the opportunity to coach and eagerly seeks challenges, which will improve the character and performance of the Southern Pines CrossFit community. 

Sarah Ellman and Toni Anne Washington, owners of Southern Pines CrossFit, are passionate about the gym they call home.  Their mission is to provide members with an up-to-date  environment, exceptional programming and consistent coaching throughout the day. The owners believe that SPCF is unique because of its members.   People working out together in an atmosphere of healthy competition and friendship makes for something special. If there is one thing Sarah and Toni Anne want to convey to those who have never tried CrossFit before is not to be intimidated.  CrossFit can be for everyone! SPCF coaches will appropriately scale the workouts to accommodate any fitness level. 





Courtney has been a CrossFitter since 2012.  Prior to CrossFit, she was a high school track coach and a semi-professional triathlete.  What she loves most about coaching is helping others achieve their goals.  Along with effective coaching, Courtney provides a positive attitude and a fun environment to work out in.


Jared has been doing CrossFit since 2007.  He loves the ability to connect with people on a level where hard work and determination bring them together.  Jared finds coaching fun and loves teaching people how to overcome obstacles to get fit.  Coaching CrossFit allows him to help people improve themselves holistically.  Jared's passion is coaching and he draws on his own desire to live his life to the fullest.  Jared commits himself to be the best coach he can be. 

​Sally began CrossFit five years ago when she and her husband grew bored of a monotonous gym routine. Using main site programming in a globo gym, she quickly grew in love with the high-intensity and constant variation CrossFit promotes. Within a year, she realized CrossFit truly worked to make people stronger, faster, and fitter, but she felt she was missing out on the community that makes CrossFit so different. Fast forward to now, and Sally earned her Level 1 several years ago and began coaching at SPCF in 2013. She has several Olympic lifting seminars under her belt and extensive experience working with pregnant and new mothers.  With three boys of her own, Sally understands the physical challenges that come with giving birth and recovery, and she wants people of all ages, fitness levels, and backgrounds to realize CrossFit can work for them.


Sarah has been an active person all of her life.  She played field hockey and lacrosse in college and tried to maintain her fitness level after college with running.  Logging all of those miles became boring so she decided to try CrossFit. She fell in love with CrossFit’s ability to turn the average person into a strong athlete.  She believes in the nine foundational movements and building upon these to achieve great things in fitness.  Sarah is also certified in Olympic weight lifting. She loves working with beginners and introducing them to her now favorite sport, CrossFit.

To get in shape, Brandon began CrossFit in 2012.  He loves how CrossFit provides both mental and physical challenges shared within a community of like-minded individuals.  Brandon has learned through experience that fitness includes strength, conditioning, mobility, gymnastics and nutrition.  He enjoys coaching and meeting athletes where they are along their fitness journey in order to make a difference in their lives.

Anthony started incorporating CrossFit workouts into his training in 2004.  After receiving his Level 1 certificate in 2012, he coached exclusively within military units.  He started coaching at an affiliate in 2014, where Anthony fully embraced all aspects of CrossFit.   Through coaching, he has become a better athlete and developed a specialization in helping athletes scale workouts to their ability levels.  Anthony has also learned how to focus on training as opposed to just exercising.  He enjoys working out with a purpose or goal in mind, as opposed to just going through the motions or movements. Anthony looks forward to helping athletes in the gym each day realize their potential and achieve their fitness goals.

In her early years, Heather wouldn’t even think about doing a single pull up.  CrossFit changed that for Heather and has taken her fitness to an all-new level which she never thought was possible.  Heather loves to inspire new CrossFitters to become stronger and to help them find innovative ways to stay fit. Heather has a passion for all body weight movements.

Meet Our Coaching Team!



April brings a strong physiology background to CrossFit and has coached internationally.  She has certifications in CrossFit kettle bells, gymnastics, Olympic lifting and her passion, mobility.