CF Level 1
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Military Athlete Certified Coach
Strength Specific Seminar Silver Level

In her early years, Heather wouldn’t even think about doing a single pull-up - endurance running was her thang.  In 2010, Heather did her first wod, followed closely by cleans, snatches, heavy squats, and everything else CrossFit had to offer.  She fell in love with functional fitness and started eating clean.  She practiced the nine foundational movements at night after everyone in her house went to sleep.  She is flawless in her execution and the enforcer of standards in the gym. CrossFit changed Heather’s life, and has taken her fitness to an all-new level that she never thought was possible.  Heather loves to inspire new CrossFitters to become stronger and to help them find innovative ways to stay fit.  She can empathize with those who never dreamed they would touch a pull-up bar or barbell, and excels at bringing newcomers onboard from backgrounds of all types, enforcing movement standards along the way.