CF Level 1

In preparation for rigorous military training and deployments, Heidi stumbled upon CrossFit as a way to push her fitness level.  Two months into her new routine, she received her highest score ever on her fitness test.  She often wonders why it took her so long to drink the Kool-aid.  Maybe it was fear of the unknown, maybe she believed all the horror stories associated with CrossFit, or maybe she thought it too good to be true.  First rule of fight club...nobody talks about fight club.  First rule of CrossFit...everybody talks about CrossFit. CrossFit is the antithesis of fight club, ask her the next time you see her.  I’m sure she’ll tell you she loves what CrossFit has done for her body composition, speed, endurance and strength.  Except on Tuesday’s, you’ll have to join the 6 PM’er’s for tacos to find her.