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Inspired by the CrossFit Health initiative, we launched a professional and effective nutrition service for our members. We have added nutrition to our mission statement along with our determination to provide you with an up to date environment, challenging programming and excellence in coaching throughout the day.
Our new year-round nutrition program is based on the macronutrient structure of The Zone Diet, developed by Dr. Barry Spears.  Our focus is on a balance of low glycemic starches, some fruit and minimal sugar along with lean meats and fish and plant based sources of fat. We emphasize the QUALITY of macronutrients and not just QUANTITY.

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This is offered to anyone interested in expert advice on changing your current nutrition habits. You can schedule a one hour nutrition consultation with one of our nutrition coaches. This will include a discussion of where you are now and what your future goals look like.  You will receive a nutrition information handbook and an InBody composition scan. Our coaches will advise and tweak your current nutrition plan so you can reach your goals on your own. 
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This program is for anyone new to CrossFit.  It includes 4 personal training sessions to get you up to speed on CrossFit terminology and the movements commonly used in the gym.  In addition to the training sessions, you will meet with one of our nutrition coaches and get started on 4 weeks of nutrition counseling. InBody composition scan included.

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With this program you will have a thorough assessment with one of our nutrition coaches to determine your baseline nutrition and to set realistic goals for the month. We will teach you the foundations of a proportioned diet specific for your lifestyle.  We will create a customized plan and retest an InBody composition scan monthly for as long as you chose. 
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Here we will provide the performance-based athlete with a more tailored macronutrient structure. It is through nutrition that you will achieve long-term success for your fitness goals. We will adjust your macronutrients monthly to suit your needs. Retesting your InBody composition scan and biometric measurements will help tweak your nutrition plan.
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Sign up for six months of Unlimited CrossFit and Nutrition Coaching and see your life change! 

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