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Following a crushing defeat at the Dodgeball Championships and the demise of his beloved Globo Gym, Roobs had to figure out a new physical fitness routine.  He stumbled upon CrossFit during a deployment to Iraq in 2007. Roobs gave up the globo gym life style for good. He attained his Level 1 certification in 2008 and has continued his CrossFit education over the last 10 years, achieving certifications in CrossFit Level 2, Kettlebell, Rowing, and Mobility courses. His new life goal is to turn CrossFit into a challenge, like the around the world beer challenges he so loves.  He has coached, worked out, and visited over 100 CrossFit boxes to date.  Coach Roobs is a man of few words, but you will hear him share his favorite quote with athletes, “Let no man’s ghost come back to say his training let him down.”