"You are now about to witness the strength of street knowledge...
Straight outta CrossFit, crazy fun community you'll conclude, from the gang with a Southern Pines attitude."

- revised NWA


Our programming includes constantly varied, functional movements, done at high intensity. We have In-house programming that is customized to reflect our community. We combine strength cycles with higher-level gymnastics, and test the athletes' endurance through a variety of formats, time domains, and movement combinations. Our program is measurable and yields results, both physical & mental. Lastly, we emphasize the importance of establishing strong mechanics through a variety of progressions & scales before we tack on the intensity component. Whether new to the lifestyle or a veteran, our program will help you reach your goals and enhance your quality of life. Drop in for any class (see Schedule) or email us at

A Word From Our Programmer


Here is the programming until Memorial Day Murph. A few things are very different than the last block of programming. The strength is split up differently and the OLY lifting is much more complex. By the end of this cycle people should be feeling very comfortable with a barbell. For Metcons and other types of workouts, there is a ton of dumbbell and bodyweight work. This is for two reasons, the first being there are two strength days each week so ALOT of barbell work will be happening already. On top of that there is a ton of ACFT type work to help those with that training.



We have two separate strength blocks going on over the next few months. The first is a normal squat cycle, the volume starts high and gets lower as the intensity gets higher. The only difference is we will be squatting every 2 weeks, and back squatting and front squatting on the same day. The weights will obviously be different, the main thing is I want people to hit all their reps


The other strength cycle is a little different, but something I noticed was needed over the last few months. That being Bench Press and Strict Pullup strength. So, on the off weeks from squatting, we will be doing a mix of Bench Press and Strict Pullup strength. For those advanced they can do weighted pull-ups, for those more scaled they can do banded pull-ups and a variety of other scales for them. The goal here is to build some upper body strength and get people either much stronger in a pullup, or getting a ton of people their first strict pullup. Which is a HUGE deal for people, thus the amount of time we are putting into it.


Olympic Lifting:

Lots of complexes. Lots. Mostly EMOM work, or Every 90 seconds type stuff (E90S). This helps force people to go lighter while getting technique down, but having the sense of lifting heavy because it is heavy for that complex, but not near their max for a particular lift.


Recovery Days:

For the love of god, people need to take these flow sessions easy. If they feel really good and want to rage that’s fine, but people that are beat up and just want to sweat its best to take these easy and not worry about getting beat by other people. This sounds ridiculous but it makes the most difference to progression than anything else.


Learn the basics of CrossFit! Our foundations class is offered to those new to CrossFit or who haven't done CrossFit in a while. Here you will learn how to safely and effectively execute the common movements we perform in the gym over 4 personal sessions. You will also get in a great work out!  By Appointment.



Add a month of nutrition coaching to the 4 foundations sessions.  You will meet with one of our nutrition coaches for initial consultation and biometric measurements.  We will customize your meal plans for 4 weeks and provide you with a nutrition handbook, access to the Healthy Steps Nutrition App with group messaging and twice a month food log reviews with feedback.



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