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"You are now about to witness the strength of street knowledge...
Straight outta CrossFit, crazy fun community you'll conclude, from the gang with a Southern Pines attitude."

- revised NWA


Our programming includes constantly varied, functional movements, done at high intensity. We combine strength cycles with higher-level gymnastics, and test the athletes' endurance through a variety of formats, time domains, and movement combinations. Our program is measurable and yields results, both physical & mental. Lastly, we emphasize the importance of establishing strong mechanics through a variety of progressions & scales and consistency before we tack on the intensity component. Whether new to the lifestyle or a veteran, our program will help you reach your goals and enhance your quality of life. Drop in for any class (see Schedule) or email us at

A Word On Our Programming

We are currently using PRVN Fitness for our programming.  PRVN Fitness is founded by Shane Orr and is used by Tia-Clair Toomey and Brooke Wells. "PRVN is designed to improve athletic performance for individuals of all fitness levels. It is built on years of knowledge of both the elite and everyday affiliate athletes, PRVN is designed the general physical preparedness." Our aim is to provide an all round exceptional experience every day in the gym for both coaches and athletes. We have found this programming to be very thorough and full of accessory work and added aerobic capacity workouts for those wanting to do a little more.  We believe this programming is serving all levels of fitness in our community well.


Learn the basics of CrossFit! Our foundations class is offered to those new to CrossFit or who haven't done CrossFit in a while. Here you will learn how to safely and effectively execute the common movements we perform in the gym over three personal sessions. You will also get in a great work out!  By Appointment.



Add a month of nutrition coaching to the three foundations sessions.  You will meet with one of our nutrition coaches for initial consultation and biometric measurements.  We will customize your meal plans for 4 weeks and provide you with a complete diet plan and feedback.



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